Voices of Victims of Crimes

Learning to Live
One victim of sexual assault shares how she learned to live again after four years of court proceedings that helped her regain her dignity and confidence.
To live, Finally
A person's perception of themselves can be severely impacted by childhood trauma and abuse. Read how one survivor learned the key to her healing.
One Victim's Story
A video interview with Sarah, who uses her own voice to let other victims of crime know that though each victim is unique, no victim is truly alone.
A Matter of Trust
Douglas Macklem was a victim of personal fraud who used both the criminal and civil courts to right the wrongs committed against him. He prepared a Victim Impact Statement for the courts.
Lighting a Candle
Carolyn Swinson's son Rob was killed by an impaired driver. Read her story, and how volunteering for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada helped in the healing process.
In the Wilderness
A.M.'s story points to the need for more services for male victims of child sexual abuse. Through poetry and written testimony, A.M. describes how he had to rebuild his life and sense of self after being victimized as a young child.
My Angel, My Hero
Tracey Lynn Jones, a victim of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father, shares how the understanding and support of a police officer helped her realize that there is hope.
The Prey: An Account of Denunciation
Martine Ayotte shares how she finally decided to speak out against her aggressor. She expresses gratitude to Centre d'aide aux victimes d'actes criminels (CAVAC) advocates who helped her manage the stress of the court proceedings.
The Journey Back
Raymond shares his journey of recovery after suffering childhood abuse, hoping it will serve as a reminder that every life is precious and worth saving.
Victim Offender Mediation Program
Through the Victim Offender Mediation Program, Ellen met the offender who sexually assaulted her. Read about how her powerful encounter.
As a young victim of sexual assault, a woman speaks about her lost childhood and the lasting impact. Read about how she makes quilts for those protecting her own child.
Helping hand
A family's life was shaken when they became the victims of a home invasion. Read about how Victim Service helped them move forward.
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