The facts and statistics contained in this section can help you enhance education and awareness efforts during Victims and Survivors of Crime Week. By applying numbers to your education and action efforts, you can clearly and concisely demonstrate your point and communicate your message.

This information has been collected from a variety of sources and conveys details on crime and victimization. The topics include general crime rates, victim impact statements, elder abuse and violence against women and other specific groups in society that are affected by crime.

You can use the fact sheets as standalone summaries, or in:

  • speeches and presentations
  • media announcements
  • letters to the editor
  • public service announcements
  • calls for action to local officials

This section also provides an overview of the different types of victims services in Canada, and useful links to federal government department and agencies, provincial and territorial governments, and other organizations that work in various capacities on issues related to victims and survivors.

Did You Know?

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