Voices of Service Providers and Advocates

Sexual Assault Centre of Quinte and District – Photo Essay
Since 1991, the Sexual Assault Centre of Quinte and District (SACQD) has been providing counselling and services to individuals recovering from sexual violence. Join us as we tour the facility and meet the staff of the SACDQ.
Christopher's Journey
A video interview with Christopher Ducharme, founder of BC Victims of Homicide, who discusses how supporting other victims has allowed him to move forward. Christopher also speaks about some of his creative endeavours, and the benefits that they have provided him.
Regina Children's Justice Centre - Photo Essay
Join the staff of the Regina Children's Justice Centre (RCJC) as they take us on a photographic tour of the specialized services they provide to young victims of crime and witnesses to serious crime. The work done at the RCJC to help young victims and witnesses is truly inspirational.
Bruce's Gift
Margaret Miller's son was killed by an impaired driver. The former Volunteer National President of MADD Canada discusses how the organization gave her the help, support and means to go on and make her son's life still matter.
Turning Stones
Jane's son was murdered in 1994. As part of the Victims of Homicide Support Society, Jane visited with people who are serving life sentences preparing for parole. An emotional discussion between the lifers and families of victims helped everyone heal a little more.
Patience and Perseverance
Marjean Fichtenberg discusses how she realized her goal of assisting other victims by helping the Correctional Service of Canada and the National Parole Board to communicate more effectively with victims of crime.
Diligently Ending Violence in Neighbourhoods
Karen Venables shares her story about working with the Diligently Ending Violence In Neighbourhoods (DEVIN) following the loss of her son.
Victims or Survivors?
As an experienced service provider, executive director of Chrysalis House Rhonda Fraser talks about advocating for victims to be empowered by making choices in their own lives which are right for them.
Victim Advocacy is Born
The co-founder and former chairman for Citizens United for Justice. Inge Klaussen, explains how his own personal loss led to the formation of Canada's first victims' advocacy group.
The Dream
Gary Martin's personal life experiences motivated him to help others that are struggling with the same issues. Spiritual discovery and a dream are at the centre of his inspiring story.
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