Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

Project Summary Report and Survey - Victims Fund

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Please send your final report by January 31, 2022.

For assistance, please contact your Program Analyst or send an email to

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Projet information

Project Summary

The summary provides a brief explanation of your project; describes the activities/events that were held during Victims and Survivors of Crime Week; and identifies who was affected by the activities, the impact of your project/activity and the outcomes.

1. Type of event / activity / project

Check all that apply.

2. Primary target audience – Who participated in your event?

Check all that apply.

3. Partnerships

What type of support did your partners contribute?

4. What happened during your event / activity?

Using the scale provided below, please indicate the extent to which your project was able to achieve its objectives:

5. Project results

6. Communication of results

Did you communicate the results of this project beyond your immediate group?

Check all that apply.


Survey: Victims and Survivors of Crime Week Website and Resource Guide

When did you visit the Victims and Survivors of Crime Week website for information in the past 6 months (

Was the website easy to navigate (i.e. were you able to find what you were looking for)?
Was the information provided relevant?
Which section of the website was of most value to you?

Check all that apply.

Did you use the Event Planning guide and Resources (including fact sheets) that were developed by the Department of Justice for this year’s Victims and Survivors of Crime Week?

Please include an electronic copy your event/program invitation and/or agenda with your report.

Thank you very much!


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