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Photo of Timea Eva Nagy

Ms. Timea Eva Nagy was born in Budapest, Hungary and was the daughter of a local police woman. Ms. Nagy is not only a survivor of human trafficking but also a speaker and social advocate on behalf of human trafficking victims worldwide.

Ms. Nagy's sex slave nightmare took place over 12 years ago when she immigrated to Canada, in the hopes of fulfilling a summer position as a housekeeper or nanny and earning a little extra income. Upon arrival she was kidnapped, controlled, and kept under horrible conditions and forced to work in the sex trade in Toronto and surrounding areas for the next 3 months until one day she miraculously escaped her captors.

As a result of her experiences, Ms. Nagy has founded the independent organization known as Walk With Me. Walk With Me is a community based organization established by a survivor of human trafficking to rescue and restore the dignity, freedom and well being of human trafficked victims, by providing distinctive, coordinated and comprehensive immediate victim services in Ontario. Within the last year alone her organization has assisted over 40 victims of human trafficking and continues to assist these victims as well as new ones everyday.

Ms. Nagy's main focus and passion is to provide training for organizations, schools, service providers and law enforcement agencies so that they may be able to effectively identify victims of human trafficking. She has provided training and worked with many agencies in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Presently, she has trained and assisted the following agencies; RCMP, OPP, York Regional Police, Toronto Police, Vancouver Police, FBI Kansas City, Drug, Vice, and Sex Crimes Units, Federal Judges, and United States District 8. Just to name a few.

Recently, Ms. Nagy received a National Hero Award by Member of Parliament Ms. Joy Smith for her work with victims of human trafficking in Ontario and across Canada. Furthermore, Timea has now become a published author with her book Memoirs of a Sex Slave Survivor. It is a story of her journey into the underbelly of the sex slavery trade and the personal healing and forgiveness that followed.

Through the telling of her own difficult journey, Timea hopes to inspire others to rise above victimization and lead joyful and purposeful lives in spite of difficult circumstances- a living example of grace in action.

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